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The manual method in micropigmentation has become very popular all around the world in the past few years. Judy Zhong has been perfecting her Microstroking technique for about 20years and has been teaching her method to students in China for over 10years. What sets her technique apart from conventional permanent makeup is the unique hand held tool that she uses to create fine, crisp and extremely natural hair strokes.

No matter what you do, sleep, swim, perspire, cry, wash your face or rub your eyes, your makeup will remain unsmudged, and you will look great 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

JUDY Your satisfaction is guaranteed with 20 years of experience
  • Over 20years work experience as a cosmetic tattoo technician and a cosmetic tattoo trainer
  • Achieved national cosmetic tattoo competition champion in china
  • Awarded runner-up in cosmetic discourse competition
  • PCD America professional tattoo organization qualification
  • Awarded designation of one of the 10 famous tattoo technicians in china
  • Be selected as a judge three times for a cosmetic tattoo competition
What is feathering eyebrow tattoo?

Feather brow tattoo is a semi-permanent tattoo technique now replacing the block tattoo technique of old. Fine strokes are penetrated into the skin for a hair-like finish. The appearance is completely natural looking just like originally have great brows

How to do you do it? how long will it be the procedure?

Whole treatment is around two hours, first of all we will listen to your needs and show you some photos of our clients who have same situation with you , it can help you to understand how do we stroke hair fill in your eyebrows gaps. Then we use pencil to design several eyebrow shapes for you. So that directly can see how do you look like with those shapes , you choose the one you like best, after designing we will select colours to match your skin and hair to encourage a more natural look. We might take 50mins to stroke hair on your eyebrow shape like real.The look is authentic and natural, even a short distance.

What the difference between tattooing and feather eyebrow tattoo?
  • Tattooing is performed using an automatic machine, which is difficult to control the depth of penetration of the needle into your skin. Feather brow tattoo is performed using a manual hand pen that is easier to control depth and direction of the pigmentation.
  • The pigment used during tattooing commonly, is a liquid, so when applied into the skin it is easy to seep into deeper layers of skin and can run and bleed, creating not so perfect lines. Pigment commonly used with implanting is a thick paste, so stays in the top layers of skin where it is meant to. This also means that the pigment won’t mix with blood in the corium layer and change the colour to blue or red.
  • Tattooing is to simply fill up the colour in an eyebrow shape, with the result often being flat and plain. Implanting uses a feathered technique, requiring each hair to mimic your own hair direction. The result is a very natural and vivid eyebrow.
  • Because of the depth, tattooing is permanent. Feather brow tattoo is semi permanent and designed to fade over time. We even can control the depth that the pigment is applied to the layers of skin to reduce time if your unsure. The shortest length can be for only 6 months.
Does it hurt ?

Treatment can be a little uncomfortable, although a topical anaesthetic is applied to the area, reducing the discomfort. Clients are surprised how tolerable the treatment is and the outcome definitely outweighs the discomfort felt.

How long will it last ? will it leave any mark on my skin?

Because our therapist uses a hand held device the depth of ink penetration can be varied for each individual client. The shallower the penetration the less time your tattoo/implant will last. Ideally at maximum penetration, your implant/tattoo can last as long as 3 years. The pigment we used is from natural plant which can be metabolized by skin, will not left any blue or orange mark on skin.

Will there be any after-effect ?

The treatment is applied to the skin surface and as a result there may be some sensitivity afterwards. This should be very minimal and you can resume most of your normal dYaily activities.

How much does it cost ?

Can I change my eyebrow shape after few years?

Yes, feather eyebrow tattoo is semi permanent , we can design and do other eyebrow shape for you after 3years to match your face and feeling at that time.